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Dale Mendenhall - Soprano Sax, Clarinet & Flute
Dave Kurowski - Guitar
Dave Mendenhall - Bass

These musicians are highly regarded in the Twin Cities area with over 25 years of professional experience. Their client list includes Dayton Hudson, Norwest Banks, country clubs, and many private gatherings, social functions and benefits.

A totally portable, self-contained musical trio! Their musical repertoire includes pop, big band, Broadway show tunes, classical, jazz and ethnic selections. They know every song in the book!

The popularity of the band revolves around their unique ability to stroll dinner tables or groups of people while taking guest's requests on the spot, or providing background or dance music for special occasions. The spontaneity of this group means fun for yours. A
perfect combination for a smaller party, reception or celebration.

For anyone who desires uncompromising quality at an affordable price, "ENCORE" is an excellent choice. By far, the most versatile trio in town!

References available upon request.